Rosy Pink Woodland Apron | 100% Linen
Rosy Pink Woodland Apron | 100% Linen

Rosy Pink Woodland Apron | 100% Linen


The Woodland Apron is a comfy waist apron, so comfy you may forget you’re wearing it and realize in the middle of the grocery store (speaking from experience). This apron is handy for hand-wiping, countertop wipe-downs, protecting your outfit from spills, storing things in the pockets, and is really adorable! 

 Earthen Threads Co. garments are always hand-washed with just hot water and line-dried in the sunshine. Your garment may feel a bit crisp when it arrives home because it was line-dried, but give it a good shake (or twirl) and it’ll soften right up! Your garments will be lovingly sent home with easy to follow care instructions so that your new items will last forever! 

This listing is for a ONE SIZE fits most apron and the ties are long enough to fit every size on my size chart! At a 6XL you may not be able to tie a bow in the front and at a size 2XS you will have to wrap it around more than once but it shouldn’t be too long. 

All Made To Order items are processed and shipped out 2 weeks after order is placed.

All Ready Made Items are shipped in 1-2 days (not Sundays).

All Fabrics are shipped in a maximum of 2 weeks.

For more info please check out FAQ page.

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