Cherry Large Gingham Triangle Hair Scarf | 100% Linen

Cherry Large Gingham Triangle Hair Scarf | 100% Linen


Okay, but why do I suddenly feel a million times more beautiful when I put one of these triangle scarves on? No idea! So many of you have asked me about the one I wear, so I decided to add it to the shop! 

My favorite features: This triangle scarf is slightly larger than most you see on the market so that you don’t get that winged out look on either side of your head. Instead, the larger scarf makes this beautiful gathered effect on each side of the head when tied back. A lot of thought went into this size and I really think it’s perfect! This is perfect for all hair types and head sizes! As always, everything in my shop is made with 100% linen so everything is breathable and will stretch slightly with body heat!

 Side note: No one type of person is allowed to wear a head scarf. You don’t have to be of a certain religion or trying to be more modest, you can simply just like the way they look and that is a valid reason to wear one! Just figured I’d make that note for anyone second-guessing themselves! 

Earthen Threads Co. garments are hand-washed with just hot water and line-dried in the sunshine. Your garment may feel a bit crisp when it arrives home because it was line-dried, but give it a good shake (or twirl) and it’ll soften right up! The linen will get better and better as it ages and the pattern (if there is one), will gently fade over time. Your garments will be lovingly sent home with easy to follow care instructions so that your new items will last forever! 

**This is re-orderable and the purple triangle hair scarf in the photos is just an example of how it looks tied up.


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